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What is Victoria Beckham’s fashion label called?

The former Spice Girls singer launched her high-end fashion label in 2008 followed by the cosmetics range, Victoria Beckham Beauty, in 2019.

Is Victoria Beckham eyeliner waterproof?

Lashline, waterline, winged, or smudged—Satin Kajal Liner is a creamy, highly-pigmented pencil that delivers every look with ease and waterproof wear that lasts all day.

Is Victoria Beckham Beauty clean?

Like many beauty brands, Beckham’s products are formulated with clean ingredients. But unlike many beauty brands, Beckham’s products are housed in sustainable jars and tubes that still feel decadent and special. The products are simultaneously easy to use, easy to wear, and easy to remove.

What is Victoria Beckham style?

She lived up to her posh moniker with an approach to performance style that was sleek and sexy. Her highly distinctive monochromatic wardrobe was brimming with thigh-skimming little black dresses, modish miniskirts, and skimpy bra tops, many of which were designed by Tom Ford for Gucci.

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Who owns Victoria Beckham Beauty?

Sarah Creal, Co-founder and CEO.

Is Victoria Beckham eyeliner worth it?

I absolutely love the Satin Kajal Liner from Victoria Beckham Beauty and is their best-selling and most repurchased product. This formula is safe for the waterline and it’s super long-lasting, so that’s one of my favorite way to wear it. Loads of liners don’t last too long in the waterline, but this really does.

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What blush does Victoria Beckham use?

Her latest product offering is the Cheeky Posh Blush, which is a cream blush stick that’s available in five beautiful shades. Victoria spoke to E! News about her new blush and she even shared some expert product application tips.

What eye cream does Victoria Beckham use?

Beckham uses the Cosmedix Serum 24, but this is also tricky to track down and instead, I’m using the brand’s Serum 16, £86.20, which also contains retinol.